CPU 001


AVAILABLE – 15,00€



After two years of intense work, we gladly present our new model: CPU 001 (Crime Prevention Unit 001), our tribute to the all-time classic Robocop (1987).

This publication contains step-by-step instructions, building alternatives and modular techniques to build our biggest model to date: a beast made out of 2459 pieces that will bring you the flavour of the best models by The Arvo Brothers.

Build your own model. The technology gives us the opportunity. Now is the time.

PDF content:

286 pages divided into two chapters:

C1.- INSTRUCTIONS (steps & building alternatives)


Parts list in XLS & XML format included.

NOTE: Once the payment is done, we’ll send you the PDF and the parts list. In addition, we’ll provide you a personal and nontransferable password to open your PDF. This is a non-printable PDF.


Figure: 2027 parts

Base: 432 parts


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