911 Targa





Back in 2009, we wanted to change radically our way to build vehicles. After several big models like the GT40 or the Suzuki Escudo, we realized that we needed to reduce drastically the scale in order to get a more refined and simple finish. That was our main objective at that time when the idea of the 911 crossed our minds for the first time.

8 years later, we are still looking for new ways to build this icon of design, and most importantly, we still enjoy doing it.

Build your own model. The technology gives us the opportunity. Now is the time.

PDF content:

152 pages divided into two chapters:

C1.- INSTRUCTIONS (steps & building alternatives)


Parts list in XLS & XML format included.

NOTE: Once the payment is done, we’ll send you the PDF and the parts list. In addition, we’ll provide you a personal and nontransferable password to open your PDF. This is a non-printable PDF.


Parts: 866

Dimensions:  13 x 32 x 10 cm (Width x Length x Height)


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