A transmission of unknown origin is intercepted 39,5 lightyears away from Earth… it is repeated at intervals of 12 seconds…*blip*…*blip*…*blip*…

After Alien Project, we gladly present Chestburster, featuring one of the most terrifying and legendary icons of the Science Fiction. Inspired by the brilliantly bloody scene of the first film, this publication includes step-by-step instructions, building alternatives and modular techniques for an easy assembly / disassembly.
You don’t need to worry about micro changes on air density anymore.

Build your own model. The technology gives us the opportunity. Now is the time.

PDF content:

140 pages divided into two chapters:

C1.- INSTRUCTIONS (steps & building alternatives)


Parts list in XLS & XML format included.

NOTE: Once the payment is done, we’ll send you the PDF and the parts list. In addition, we’ll provide you a personal and nontransferable password to open your PDF. This is a non-printable PDF.


Figure: 489 parts

Base: 319 parts


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