Alien Project


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Inspired by the works of geniuses H.R. Giger and Ron Cobb, this new project presented us with an opportunity to build one of the greatest icons of fantasy art. A journey from organic to geometric shapes, from dark to light, and the deep admiration that drives us to build all our creations as our only luggage. This book includes detailed, step-to-step instructions showing how to build the model, together with comments, pictures and diagrams that help the description and will contribute to your understanding of the entire process.

Build your own model. The technology gives us the opportunity. Now is the time.


220 pages divided into four chapters:


C2.- CONSTRUCTION OF THE MODEL (description of the building process)

C3.- INSTRUCTIONS (steps, building alternatives & catalogue)


Offset printing, hard cover. Parts list in XLS & XML format included.


Figure: 1526 parts

Base: 466 parts

Total Height (Base + Figure): 51 cm (3+48)


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